Small Outdoor Fiber Distribution Terminal

The small outdoor fiber distribution terminal is designed to terminate, splice and interconnect up to 48 fiber optic cables in an outdoor environment. The enclosure is mounted to the exterior surface and connects the distribution cable and drops.

The cables meet at a central connector field that includes termination for the distribution cable and drop cables. The cabinet may be configured with splice trays for splicing the cable to connector pigtails. The oFDT may be pre-terminated on the distribution side with outside plant cable stubs so that the unit is quickly connected. The oFDT may also be pre-wired with pigtails on the drop side so that individual drops routed into the unit can be spliced to the connectorized pigtails.

The oFDT features a unique “swing frame” type design that separates the splicing in the rear from the patch access in the front of the swing frame. It allows for easy connector access to the rear connectors for maintenance and cleaning. This approach allows for a single door sealing method, ensuring reliability to withstand long-term outdoor conditions

The unit accommodates a variety of OSP cable types via sealed grommet entry. Cables are secured with standard grip clamps to provide required pull out strength. The enclosure provides grounding for metallic members and for the cabinet.

The oFDT product accommodates 6, 12, 24 or 48 fibers. Distribution cable fibers are terminated on standard SC/APC, SC/UPC and LC/APC adapters that are easily accessible for service connection and maintenance. Drop pigtails are terminated on adapters adjacent to the distribution termination adapters until services are requested.