Corning LCPE with Splice Capabilities

Corning's LCPE with onboard WDM mux/demux, full mid-span, and splicing capability combines all aspects of a traditional LCP into one 29.5-in closure-style unit. With a 144-fiber PON distribution panel for optical power splitting, 12-fiber feeder capability, and up to 20 channels of mux/demux, the enclosure also allows for complete onboard splicing of feeder and distribution fibers. Operators can mid-span cables with up to 96 fibers -ribbon and loose tube, while leaving pass-through buffer tubes intact.

All 144-fiber distribution splicing occurs in an intuitive, craft-friendly panel, and feeder fibers can mux and demux as desired for converged optical network architectures. By integrating all aspects of the LCP into a single, sealed unit, space requirements are reduced, thereby saving time and money beyond what is possible with common closure-style units available today.

Features and Benefits


Contained inside a 9x28” Dome

Fiber Density

Up to 144 Distribution Fibers

Splice Capabilities

No need for a separate closure, fibers can be spliced inside the same cabinet

Single Fiber

3 trays allow a total of 144F


1 tray allow a total of 144F


Six slots for either style modules(dual 1x4 or 1x8 splitters occupy a single slot)

Pass Through

Any of the 12 feeder fibers may be passed through to discrete distribution

Sleek design fits inside a PLP Closure

That can go in a vault below ground, pedestal or aerial

Unique COC design

This allows the use of internal splice capability avoiding the need of a separate closure in the network