ResiLink ADFTM

ResiLink All-Dielectric Flat Drop Cable for Aerial and Duct Applications

Easy Access

  • The jacket can be easily opened with a knife and the included ripcords
  • The buffer tube is easily separated from the jacket and strength members

All-Dielectric Messengers

  • No bonding or grounding required
  • Flexible and kink resistant

Dry Water-Blocking Technology

  • Permits rapid cable preparation and termination
  • Water-Blocking materials are easily removed

Versatile Design

  • Small cross-section and high strength provide good aerial performance
  • Can be pushed or pulled through duct
  • Highly crush-resistant

Dual Strength Member Design

  • More flexible than a single, all-dielectric rod of the same strength
  • Easier to handle and coil than comparable all-dielectric Figure-8 designs
  • A great alternative where steel strength members are not permissible

Medium Density Polyethylene Jacket

  • Low friction installation
  • Excellent protection from environmental hazards

Sheath Markings

  • Provides positive identification and length verification
  • Custom print available


  • RDUP listed (tested in accordance with PE-90) Registered Supplier
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and TL 9000