Rapid Fiber Distribution Terminal

The RFDT eliminates the need for splice cases and separate cable assemblies by integrating the patented RapidReel fiber cable spool.

The RapidReel cable spool includes a built-in reel enabling quick payoff of up to 500 feet of MPO stubbed 12 or 24 count optical fiber cable from a single 6"x 9" wall box.

The MPO stub is pulled for installation into either the collector enclosure or directly to an indoor or outdoor fiber distribution hub, panel, connector or adapter with MPO compatibility. After installation the spool flanges can be broken away and the wall box is secured to the wall safely storing the remaining slack cable.

Use of factory terminated and tested MPO connectors instead of splicing provide a plug-and-play environment that reduces labor costs and speeds project completion.


  • Built-in spool allows for easy payoff of MPO stub
  • RapidReel cable spool allows the cable to payoff from the complete stubbed enclosure assembly
  • Break-away spool flanges reduce slack storage size to within the enclosures footprint
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Utilizes reduced bend radius fiber
  • Designed to meet NEMA 12 requirements