Preconnectorized Stubbed Hardware

Corning offers preconnectorized optical hardware (stubbed) which comes equipped with factory-terminated and tested cable assemblies pre-installed into a variety of hardware products.

Stubbed hardware takes the time-consuming and costly process of terminating cables in the field and moves it to the factory floor where the process can be completed under Corning's quality standards.

Housings are available partially or fully loaded. For partially loaded housings, stubbed connector modules or panels are also available.

Fiber counts that exceed the hardware capacity will be assembled by stacking single housings to meet the fiber count. For example, a 144-fiber stubbed FDC® Unit will consist of two stacked FDC-CMH-072 housings.

Contact TVC Customer Service for more information on the availability of special configurations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Improved connector performance and quality
  • Available in any combination of hardware style, cable type, connector type and fiber count
  • Saves cost by decreasing installation time and reducing the amount of part numbers