PanMPO Fiber Connector

ThePanMPO™ Connector isPanduit’s revolutionary MPO connector that protects your fiber infrastructure investment and improves operational efficiency to save time and money.

Change polarity and gender on your fiber cable assemblies on the fly with the PanMPO™ Connector. This unique, patented connector helps ease the migration from 10G Ethernet to 40G Ethernet, while keeping the installation in compliance.

  • Easily convert between male and female gender, and between key-up and key-down polarity for a standards-compliant 10G or 40G/100G Ethernet installation
  • Connector changes are made in the field, as needed
  • Always have the right cable assembly on hand
  • Available on trunks, harnesses, interconnects and reference cords

In an existing 10G Ethernet fiber infrastructure, LC to MPO cassettes are replaced with MPO adapter panels and LC to LC patch cords are replaced with MPO patch cords during migration to 40G Ethernet. In this example, three different types of patch cords are required for the migration: Method A/Female to Male, Method A/Male to Male, and Method B/Female to Male. Using patch cords terminated with PanMPO™ Connectors, only one type of patch cord needs to be purchased and stocked, and can be configured on the fly to replace any of the three needed patch cords.

In new installations, a Method A fiber backbone with female connectors can be deployed for 10G operation. To migrate these channels to 40G, the PanMPO™ Connector changes from Method A to the preferred Method B polarity with male connectors in the backbone. This results in only one style of MPO cord for either equipment or patch connections. The PanMPO™ Connector is the only product that changes polarity and gender in the field, preserving your infrastructure investment.