OptiTect® Indoor Local Convergence Cabinet, LS Series

The Corning OptiTect® Indoor Local Convergence Cabinet, LS Series provides everything necessary to manage up to 432 distribution fibers for indoor FTTx applications. All cabinets share the same intuitive and efficient cable routing and splitter storage. Each cabinet provides superior ergonomics with full front access, resulting in minimal installation time, quick connections and ultimately increased profits. Distribution panel easily swings out if deemed necessary.

Feeder fibers, distribution fibers, splitter modules, splicing and unused splitter output storage are all contained within a single, rugged, wall- or rack-mountable enclosure. Factory pre-connectorization and installation of feeder and riser cable(s), or splice capability, ensure quick, easy and reliable installation in the field.

All splitter modules are compatible and interchangeable across all OptiTect LS Cabinets and the Eclipse® Hardware family. Each splitter module features connectorized inputs and outputs.

The OptiTect Indoor Local Convergence Cabinet, LS Series was developed to provide the same features provided in the outside plant OptiTect Local Convergence Cabinet. These features include the “pass-through” capabilities quick field placement and parking of splitter modules, and the best-in-class fiber management.

The OptiTect Indoor Local Convergence Cabinet, LS Series is available in multiple configurations. It can be purchased pigtailed, fully stubbed or partially stubbed.

Features and Benefits

  • Dedicated pass-through capability provides service in a mix-use building without giving up splitter capabilities
  • Gravity-based fiber management 
  • Full front access protects backplane during day-to-day customer turn-up
  • Splitter compatibility across OptiTect Cabinet family