OptiTect® Indoor CE Cabinet

The Corning OptiTect® Indoor CE Cabinet, with the option of non-pinned MTP® Connectivity, provides optical splitting and fiber management for up to 288 fibers.

Feeder fibers, distribution fibers, splitter modules and unused splitter output storage are all contained within a rugged wall, rack, or strut-mountable enclosure. Splice and plug-and-play capabilities ensure a quick, easy and reliable installation in the field.

The CE cabinet can accept splitter modules from both the OptiTect LS and Gen III cabinet families. Each splitter module features connectorized inputs and outputs.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple mounting options
  • Factory and field configuration options include splicing and plug-and-play capabilities
  • Accommodates dual 1x4, 1x8, 1x6 and 1x32 splitters
  • Accepts both LS and Gen III modules, both of which can be used in the Eclipse® Hardware family
  • Hinged panel allows access to the distribution panel backplane
  • 216-B door lock with padlock provisions
  • Fast field parking of unused splitter module connectors with 32-connector parking clips snap easily into the parking panel
  • Provide easy installation and removal, plus visual fault locating capability and dust protection