OptiSheath® MDU Terminal

The OptiSheath® MDU Terminal is a rugged, indoor/outdoor low-profile interconnect between the distribution network and indoor/outdoor drop cables for multidwelling unit (MDU) applications.

Compatible with either loose tube or ribbon cable, the terminal also accommodates ClearCurve® Rugged Drop Cable.

The multilayer design allows installers to access only the components of the terminal necessary for initial installation or subscriber turn-up, while a protected layer allows for pigtail splicing of drop cables as needed.

The low-profile NID-like housing contains six, 12, 24 and 48 ports and has built-in mounting provisions for a variety of interior and exterior surfaces, including uneven siding.

Features and Benefits

  • SC connector technology available with prestubbed input cable
  • Available with or without SC pigtails to allow splicing in field or direct termination in both preconnectorized or field-connectorized drops
  • Labeled and tiered subscriber ports with dedicated parking
  • Flame-retardant, impact-resistant engineering-grade thermoplastic and hinged cover with padlock
  • Flexible design with multiple stub and drop options including an OptiTip® Adapter distribution interface