OptiSheath™ Classic Aerial Terminal

The OptiSheath™ Classic Aerial Terminal is designed for the aerial fiber access network.

These innovative terminals provide environmental protection and quick incremental connection of subscribers’ drop cable. This unique design allows up to 16 drops/subscribers per terminal.

These products can accommodate both mid-span and taut-sheath applications. The terminal comes standard with the bullhorn frame, aerial hanging bracket, one splice tray, two distribution and two drop strain-relief brackets with the -LRS (4 distribution with the -LRB).

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides a low-cost aerial terminal optimized for optical access architecture
  • Designed to install easily on a strand (aerial hanging (open) | Photo SHD168 bracket included)
  • Accommodates up to 16 subscribers per terminal -8 single-fiber or multifiber drops per end (LRS)
  • Terminal fiber management capabilities include:
    • Up to 7 ft of slack storage (216 loose tube or 432 ribbon)
    • Accommodates up to six splice trays (144 loose tube fibers or 288 ribbon fiber splices)
  • SCA-9T34-xxx terminals can accommodate 27" sheath opening for taut-sheath application
  • Quick-release clamps for easy terminal re-entry
  • Individual strain-relief and reusable gel seals for all cable entries
  • Terminals designed and third-party tested to meet Telcordia TR-TSY-000949 and GR-771