OptiSheath® Aerial Terminal, SCA-9T Series

Corning OptiSheath® Aerial Terminal, SCA-9T Series is available in two lengths designed for the aerial fiber access network and provides a low-cost solution optimized for optical access architectures. These terminals provide environmental protection and quick incremental connection of subscribers’ drop cable with individual strain-relief, sealing of all cables and quick-release clamps for easy terminal re-entry.

Designed to install easily on a strand (aerial hanging brackets included), the terminal supports up to 12 OptiTap® Connector Single-Fiber Drop Cable Assembly ports. 

For fiber management capability, the 24-inch terminal allows up to 7 feet of slack storage. It will accommodate up to six SCF-ST-126 splice trays for a maximum capacity of 144 single fiber splices, or 288-fiber capacity if splicing ribbons.

Features and Benefits

  • Design includes aerial hanging brackets for easy installation
  • Quick-release clamps for easy terminal re-entry
  • Individual strain-relief
  • Cable sealing and reusable gel seals