OptiNID® Duo Optical Demarcation Enclosure

AFL’s OptiNID (OPN) Duo Optical Demarcation Enclosure is the latest entry in the OptiNID fiber optic demarcation family of products. The ultra-compact OPN Duo is designed with flexibility in mind with the capability to house up to 4 SC simplex or LC duplex adapters, along with the ability to house up to 18 single fiber or 6 mass fusion splices. The OPN Duo is also optimized for the use of AFL’s FASTConnect® or FUSEConnect® field-installable connectors. The base of the enclosure houses an insert that incorporates fiber routing, splice tray, adapter plate, and cable retention features. The OPN Duo also has several optional features such as a clear splice/security cover for protecting provider-side connectors or a grounding plate for grounding armored or toneable drop cables. The OPN Duo is available with two different base cable entry options, either a pair of U-shaped “drop-in” style grommets or two half-inch ports allowing for a variety of different entry accessories.


  • Integrated splice tray for up to 18 single fusion splices or 6 mass fusion
  • Optional clear splice/security cover covers splices, pigtails, and provider-side connectors
  • Designed and tested to the applicable portions of Telcordia GR-49 and GR-2898
  • Snap-lock cover with optional 3/8” screw for added security
  • “U-Grommets” provide easy drop-in cable entry or two half-inch ports for a variety of cable entry options
  • Integrated mounting points external to the enclosure allow mounting to walls or poles without drilling holes through the box, creating leak paths