OFS OPTION1 Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable

OPTION1™ outdoor/indoor loose tube fiber optic cable innovatively combines the flame resistance and safety features of a low smoke/ zero halogen, indoor riser-rated cable with the durability critical to outside plant use. The result is a unique, dual-purpose cable that saves time and money by allowing outside plant applications to flow seamlessly indoors, using a single cable and no splices.

OPTION1 cable’s outstanding long-term reliability and performance begins with our field-proven loose tube design. First, 1 to 12 optical fibers are placed within color-coded, gel-filled buffer tubes to create a stress-free operating environment within the cable’s designed load and temperature rating. The fibers are also compartmentalized within the buffer tubes in increments of up to 12 per tube.

This design makes it easy to locate specific fibers for drop-off applications without disturbing other active fibers or tubes. And because the buffer tubes are stranded around a dielectric central member using the reverse oscillating lay (ROL) technique, mid-span access is faster and easier. DryBlock™ water-blocking material, dielectric strength elements, and a UV and flame-resistant jacket encase the core to complete the cable construction.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fiber counts to 288
  • Wide range of fiber types for the performance you need
  • Riser- and tray-rated
  • All-dielectric construction with OFNR approval
  • Low smoke/zero halogen (LSZH) rated
  • Meets UL 1666 (riser-rated) and IEEE 383 for flame resistance
  • UV-resistant jacket for reliable service in direct sunlight
  • Streamlined installation with direct outdoor-to-indoor cable transitions
  • Enhances system performance by avoiding additional splice point attenuation loss
  • ROL stranding and ripcords for fast mid-span fiber access
  • Small bend radius for easier installation
  • Available pre-connectorized to reduce installation time and expense
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer; TL 9000 registered quality management system