OFS MPO Connector Family

OFS offers an extensive line of high-density MPO multifiber connector products, including jumpers, fanouts, pigtails and connectorized cable. When you need a high performance fiber optic connectivity solution, look to the OFS family of products featuring the MPO Connector.

Low loss single-mode MPO connectors deliver the performance and reliability needed in today’s demanding high-speed broadband and data networks.

Multimode LaserWave™ MPO jumpers and fanouts are designed to support high-speed, short-reach, data center applications.

The MPO Connector, with its familiar push-on/pull-off insertion release mechanism, provides consistent and repeatable interconnections with up to 12 fibers in a 0.7” x 0.4” minimum footprint.

The MPO product family is available with 8 and 12 fiber connectors featuring bare ribbon, tight-buffered ribbon and cordage, and includes standard adapters.

Reliable high-density interconnections for:

  • Equipment Interconnections
  • Telecommunications networks
  • Broadband/CATV networks
  • Data communications networks, including highbandwidth equipment
  • Interconnections for parallel optical transmitters and receivers


  • Reliable high-density, high-performance interconnections
  • Increases fiber density on fiber shelves and faceplates
  • Improves and simplifies fiber routing
  • Decreases fiber management space
  • Telecordia GR-1435-CORE tested
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-604-5-199 FOCIS 5 compliant
  • Quick and easy connection with push-on/pull-off latching mechanism
  • Low insertion loss and reflectance
  • High-speed application support
  • Solution-based engineering support to meetall fiber routing requirements
  • Assistance for unique designs and configurations
  • OEM solutions for special applications