OFS Mini C2™ Cable

The Mini C2 cable is a compact and cost-effective 2700 N (600 lb) rated armored cable size-optimized for a maximum of 12 fibers. 

To construct the cable, one to twelve optical fibers are placed within a 3 mm filled central tube. An overlapping layer of corrugated, electrolytically chromecoated steel (ECCS) armor then envelops the central tube. Two steel strength rods are next placed lengthwise along the armor, diametrically positioned to each other, to provide rugged durability. Finally, a medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) jacket is added to provide protection in the rugged outside plant environment.

The small size and light weight of the Mini C2 cable provides a more cost-effective solution for the smaller fiber counts that are needed in your network. Suitable for underground conduit, direct buried, or aerial applications, this cables provide excellent optical, mechanical and environmental performance in a compact reliable design.

Features & Benefits:

  • · Optimized for fiber counts up to 12 for reduced deployment costs
  • · Small diameter and lightweight designs for easy handling and installation
  • · 600 pound rated installation load
  • · Compliant with Telcordia Technologies GR- 20 specifications for reliable performance
  • · Available with all OFS fiber types, including AllWave® and TrueWave® fibers
  • · Quick fiber access with standard tooling
  • · Corrugated ECCS armor and steel strength rods for durability