OFS Drop Node Cable

Loose Tube Fiber Optic Drop Node cable quickly and efficiently connects the optical distribution node (receiver) to the backbone fiber (transmitter) in CATV broadband networks.

Factory-terminated connectors, a fully water-blocked entry connector, and loose tube, dryblocked cable offer exceptional performance and stability over a wide range of outdoor temperature and environmental conditions.

The Drop Node cable is composed of a loose tube fiber optic cable with up to 12 fibers, in an armored or all-dielectric cable design. A designated number of fibers are broken out to a specified length and terminated with your choice of a wide selection of connectors and end polishes. Protective upjacketing is available in 900µm or special cable diameters.

Designed for rugged outdoor use, the drop node cable incorporates a standard 5/8 inch, 24-threaded fitting made from a chromate material that encases an epoxy-filled plug. This plug and housing deliver effective strain relief to eliminate cable pistoning, while providing superior mechanical protection for the optical fibers and a watertight connection to the optical node.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • · Fiber counts from 2 to 12
  • · Available in all-dielectric Single Jacket, Light Armor, and OPTION1 cable designs
  • · Wide range of fibers for the performance you need
  • · Metallic coupling prevents cable rotation during installation
  • · SC, FC, ST®II, ST®II+, D4, LC, and Biconic connectors designed to industry specifications for fast, error-free intermateability
  • · Standard one meter and custom breakout lengths
  • · Easy, efficient connection of the optical distribution node to backbone fiber
  • · Exceptional performance and stability over a wide range of outdoor temperature and environmental conditions
  • · Outstanding insertion and return loss performance with Ultra PC and Angled PC end polishes
  • · Maximum cable management with custom breakout lengths
  • · ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer; TL 9000 registered quality management system