OFS AllWave ADVANTAGE™ Fiber Optic Attenuators

Taking full advantage of the entire fiber spectrum from 1280 to 1625 nm, AllWave ADVANTAGE Optical Connectivity Components and AllWave Fiber Cable are designed to enable full-spectrum operation over the entire wavelength range from 1280nm to 1624nm.

OFS provides end-to-end connectivity with the AllWave ADVANTAGE Optical Connectivity Solution. These products expand the capacity of optical networks by enabling the use of the E-band (1400-nm window) for optical transmission.

Features and Benefits:

  • · Excellent optical performance
  • · Low reflection to meet stringent system requirements
  • · Backward compatible with existing transmission equipment
  • · Operates in the broad range of communication wavelengths from 1280 nm to 1625 nm inclusive of the 1400 nm band
  • · Designed to provide flat spectral attenuation required to function in all the wavelengths
  • · Meets high density requirements for cost savings and space savings
  • · Design flexibility with various connector style choices and with various attenuation levels.