OFS AccuRibbon DuctSaver FX Cable

The AccuRibbon DuctSaver® FX Cable from OFS offers an ideal solution for microcable installations where you want to retain the benefits of mass-fusion splicing.

Designed to offer the same benefits as other microcables, AccuRibbon DuctSaver FX Cable provides up to 48 fibers for 10/8 mm microduct installations and up to 72 fibers for installations into 12/10 mm microducts.

For applications that can accommodate a larger 15/12 mm microduct, an AccuRibbon DuctSaver FX Cable is available with up to 96 fibers. The AccuRibbon DuctSaver FX Cable is a “micro” version of OFS’ AccuRibbon DuctSaver Cable.

The construction of the microduct cable begins with a central tube containing the AccuRibbon ribbon units. Surrounding the ribbons inside the central tube is a specially engineered water-blocking compound. Next, a layer of dielectric strength members is helically applied. This layer includes both fiberglass rods and fiberglass yarns. The yarns contain a super-absorbent powder that provides resistance to water penetration along the cable sheath. Ripcords are also located within the layer of strength members for easy sheath removal. The AccuRibbon DuctSaver FX Cable is then completed with a jacket made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), which provides extra protection in hostile environments and, most importantly, a low coefficient of friction to speed installation into a microduct.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for microduct installations
  • HDPE jacket for optimized air-blown installation performance
  • Ribbon core to support mass fusion splicing
  • All-dielectric construction provides safer cable installation and maintenance
  • Compliant with ICEA, Telcordia, and IEC specifications for reliable performance
  • Standard with OFS AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Single-Mode Fiber