MPO Passive Splitter Optical Mode

The MPO optical splitter module family provides a unique plug and play solution to the needs of today’s FTTx networks.

Combining the optical splitter expertise of Furukawa Electric with the connectivity and packaging capabilities of OFS, the MPO splitter module offers superior performance in a flexible and easy-to-manage package.

The use of MPO fanouts simplifi es cable management by decreasing installation time and providing a flexible solution. The MPO fanout structure allows for rapid hot swapping of modules for future upgrade to high bandwidth WDM or re-proportioned split ratios.

The connectorized module also reduces time consuming documentation and re-routing in the future – the modules make it simple to remove 5 connectors and swap out the module.

Designed for demanding FTTx installations, Furukawa Electric’s PLC splitters provide low loss, wideband performance. Splitter modules are packaged in robust cassettes that plug into a standard LGX® Fiber Management panel opening.

The LC or SC interface on the input takes advantage of the outstanding low loss performance of the OFS connectors, while the MPO connector provides high-density connectivity on the output side. The combination of low loss splitters and connector interfaces maximizes link lengths.

When used with OFS AllWave® ZWP fiber in an Access ADVANTAGE™ System, network operators can offer triple play functionality at extended distances in a cost effective package.

Features and Benefits:

  • Modular approach provides cost effective incremental growth which improves and simplifies fiber routing
  • The PLC splitters are Telcordia GR-1221-CORE, GR-1209-CORE tested which support industry standard applications and long term reliability assurance
  • Low insertion loss and reflectance to support high-speed applications and longer link lengths
  • Solution-based engineering support to meet all FTTx networking requirements offers unique designs and configurations and customer specific application engineering
  • Universal solution for a simplified stocking/replacement inventory