Mini-Stringing Bracket for ADSS Cable

The Mini-Stringing Bracket, or AMSB, is used for short and medium spans of ADSS fiber optic cable as well as Aerial Drop cables. AMSBs are sized to fit specific ADSS diameters. Standard Mini-Stringing Brackets are employed with fitted bushings to provide a good support/groove fit and to prevent the support from damaging the cable. The base of the support is fluted to allow for stringing during installation. The support body has been extended to create a single point of attachment for the single and double ADSS Trunnion.


  • Maximum one side angle: 15 degrees
  • Estimated weight: 0.95 lbs. (0.43 Kg)
  • Maximum rated strength: 1,000 lbs.
  • Hand tighten bolt to 25 in. lbs. (2.8 N-m)
  • Slip load at 4 to 6% of RBS
  • Stringing capabilities from fluted base
  • Single point of attachment for ATGN and DATGN Trunnion