Indoor Fiber Distribution Terminals

The Indoor Fiber Distribution Terminal (iFDT) series provides customer premises equipment applications with a compact and secure family of enclosures for connecting fiber cables within building entrance locations, communication closets, computer rooms and other indoor environments.

The iFDT products utilize a rugged double-hinged design that effectively isolates the splicing and cable termination in the rear compartment from the jumper interconnection in the front compartment. Separating the cable splicing and termination function from the interconnection function allows the unit to be used as a dual-access product with secure lockable access provided for each compartment.

The layered iFDT and staggered interconnection field provides ease of access to all connections.


  • 12-Packs provide for high-density terminations and conserve wall space
  • Integrated splice tray offers flexible splice management for individual or mass splicing
  • Sealed enclosure protect fibers from dust, water spray, insects and other contaminants
  • Dual-hinged design ensures separation of owner/client network segments Designed to NEMA-12
  • Front and rear layer maximizes wall space utilization for both splicing and interconnect
  • Robust steel construction protects fibers against damage and ensures network reliability
  • Slotted cable entrance ports allow for rapid cable installation and pass-through capability
  • Cable management and routing limits bend radius and adds strain relief
  • 216-Tool (can wrench), key lock or padlock offers flexible security options