Indoor 144-Port Wall Mount Panel

The FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Point (FDP) 144-Port Indoor Wall Mount Panel is Clearview Multiplied, allowing the user to easily scale from 12 to 288 ports.

Utilizing Clearview Cassettes, the product is shipped and loaded with the industry standard adapter of your choice. It is preloaded for patch only or patch & splice applications and supports all cable constructions for the inside or outside plant.

The FieldSmart FDP 144-Port Wall Mount Panel has removable doors for easy installation, security enabled doors for added protection and a solid enclosure design to protect fiber terminations from damage.

Also supports PON applications with the ability to house up to four 1 x 32 splitters. Additional applications include fiber demarcation, CATV applications, entrance facilities, security systems (CCTV), and telecommunications room.

  • 100% tested GR-326 compliant terminations, and is GR-20 and GR-409 compliant
  • Supports all industry standard singlemode and multimode connectors
  • 100% performance tested for I.L./R.L. and final mechanical inspect Protection
  • Radius protected storage for up to five (5) meters of jacketed fiber or patch cord slack is provided (patch side)
  • Rugged steel construction with security enabled doors provide protection from tampering or in advertent damage with industry-standard can wrench fasteners
  • Integrated fiber management protects fiber from micro-bend and macro-bend damage
  • A grounding lug is included 
  • Removable doors and non-angled connectors enable fast, easy fiber jumper routing, reducing the risk of fiber damage when cleaning or patching fibers
  • Ships ready to install with cable clamp kit, and miscellaneous accessories
  • Upper and lower entry/exit points for feeder/customer premise cables
  • Larger design facilitates ease of access in the environments product is deployed
  • Accessible using a standard can wrench
  • Pre-loaded for patch only or patch & splice applications 
  • Scalable to 36 ports of fiber using Clearview Cassettes loaded with the interface of your choice
  • Pre-configured/pre-loaded factory terminated assemblies
  • Panel can be configured as a tie panel and later converted to a patch only or a patch & splice panel, utilizing the Clearview Cassette