GEPCO 7.8 mm Hybrid Fiber Optic CablesRadically different from typical industry products but with the same performance characteristics of traditional SMPTE 311 cables, the Gepco® Brand flexible HDC720HD 7.8 mm hybrid fiber cable is 16 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter in design. The HDC720HD replaces the typical heavy steel strength member with a Kevlar® strength member that has the same pull strength of steel, but is lighter and more flexible. Unlike steel, Kevlar expands and contracts at the same rate as the glass members during temperature extremes, keeping the elements in the cable aligned reducing migration. Using Kevlar in place of steel also means the cable has virtually no memory, making the cable easier to pay off, lay flat and wind back up on the drum. In the HDC720HD, the typical outer braid is replaced with two18 AWG drain wires and a foil shield that allow the cable to be more flexible, lighter and smaller in diameter. The power conductors consist of two 16 AWG conductors so you can still achieve the same distance as a regular SMPTE 311. The master jacket of HDC720HD is polyurethane material with a glossy finish that reduces the pickup of dirt and debris from outside applications, making it easier to keep clean.

Features & Benefits
• Extremely Durable and Lightweight
• 7.8 mm Diameter Allows for 16% More Cable per Reel
• Breakout Bend-Insensitive Optical Fibers with Kevlar® & PVC Jackets
• Strong Kevlar® Strength Member with Same Pull Strength as Steel
• Large Conductors for Camera Power
• Four Large-Gauge Copper Conductors
• Heat-Resistant
• Heavy-Duty Polyurethane Jacket

• High-Definition Camera-to-CCU
• Interconnect
• Portable Cables
• Studio or Remote Environments
• High-Definition Steadicams®