FOSC 400

FOSC 400

 FOSC 400 A4 Closure

This is the smallest of the FOSC 400 closures. It is intended for low fiber count cable splices and “tap-off” splices. Tap-off splices are those where most of the fibers in a cable are “expressed” uncut through the closure and only a few fibers are cut and re-spliced to feed a building or Optical Network Unit (ONU). The FOSC 400 A4 closure comes ready to store expressed loose buffer tubes. An optional slack storage basket is available for express stranded fiber and ribbon fiber.

FOSC 400 B2 and FOSC 400 B4 Closures

These two closures are identical except for their end cable port configurations. In addition to a large oval port for the main distribution cable, the B2 closure has two large round ports for branch cable splices and the B4 closure has four small round ports for multiple drop applications.

FOSC 400 D5 Closure

This is the largest of the FOSC 400 closures. It has one oval port, five large round ports and can terminate seven cables (or up to twelve cables with the use of branch-off clips). The splice capacity is 288 single mechanical, 576 single fusion, or 1728 mass fused fibers. The versatile slack basket can store ribbon fiber or expressed, uncut loose buffer tubes.