FOD-40™ Fiber Optic Drop Splice Closure Kit

The "Shake N' Seal" FOD-40™ Kits are specifically designed for fiber applications. Uraseal's FOD-40™ kit protects your fusion splice from moisture and helps to eliminate cable deterioration and other related problems that can lead to signal loss and cable failure.

Uraseal's "Shake N'Seal" technology is ideally suited for direct burial applications or equivalent by providing a permanent water tight seal. The kit replaces the sheath integrity with a permanent seal around the splice or damaged cable. The kit can be used for adding a length of fiber to a run, or building a branch splice.

The FOD-40™ kits are designed to quickly and permanently encapsulate 1 or 2 fibers. They are the perfect protection in wet or damp areas because they provide a 100% water tight seal.

The kits also provide excellent pull-out strength in freeze-thaw situations as well as in high heat environments where expansion/contraction is an issue. The kits are safe and easy to use and do not require the use of a torch or flame. 

  • Submersible in Water
  • No Signal Loss
  • No Mess
  • Immediate Burial
  • Safe, No Torch
  • Permanent Seal in Minutes
  • Excellent Cable Pullout Strength
  • RUS Listed Product