Flexible Fiber Box (FFB) Series

The Flexible Fiber Box (FFB) is designed to address the unique challenges of indoor, outside plant and fiber installations.

Available in two unique base configurations, Fixed and Rapid, the FFB promotes true flexibility with easily interchangeable components for termination, sliding adapter pack, fixed bulkhead, splice, MPO and hardened multifiber optical connector (HMFOC) configurations.

The FFB Series incorporates the latest in cutting-edge technology, helps to deliver unmatched savings in installation time, labor costs, and offers unrivaled performance for next generation networks.


  • Flexibility: Designed to serve any network topology, any location, any technology
  • Protection: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions - including dust, moisture and UV.
  • Right-Sized: Enclosure meets space requirements for a variety of environments.
  • Performance: Reduced bend radius fiber cable reduces attenuation caused by tight bends and frequent handling.
  • Easy Installation: Mounts on a wall, pole or other flat surface with minimal tools.