STICKLERS® MPO CLEANCLICKER™This rugged, precision cleaner uses a smooth click-to-clean push-action, with light contact force to reduce the risk of end-face damage. With 600+ cleans, it is perfect for cleaning connectors in high-density network applications such as data centers and telecom central offices. Sticklers CleanClicker cleaners are color-coded to help users quickly ensure they have the right cleaner for the connector at hand. Engineered for MPO and MTP® multifiber connectors it cleans flat polished multimode and 8 degree angled single-mode connectors. Use with the included adapter cap to clean male (with steel guide pins) and female (no guide pins) connectors.


• 600+ cleanings for lowest cost per clean
• Cleans dust, particulate & oil contamination
• Cleans single-mode (8-degree angle) & multimode (flat) MT ferrles, with or without guide pins
• Easy-to-use on data center & high-density optical networks
• Use with Stickler's fiber optic spice & connector
• Cleaner fluid (#MCC-POC03M) for heavily-soiled connectors
• Color coded label & packaging minimize error & speed cleaning

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