FDH3000 Ground Mount Cabinets

Ground Mount FDH 3000 Cabinets are designed to be installed over a hand hole or concrete pad. The ground mount cabinets include 100’ feeder and distribution stub cables that exit downward through the base of the cabinet. Each ground mount cabinet is shipped with a factory installed 6” riser attached to the cabinet bottom.

Features and Benefits of the FDH3000 Ground Mount Cabinets  

  • Unique “swing-out frame” design allows for easy maintenance and access to back of distribution panels and cables
  • Three-point latch provides weather-tight seal
  • Angled bulkhead panels eliminate 90° bends and assists technician with routing
  • Integrated slack storage spools allow for storage of excess fiber while providing positive bend radius control
  • Dust-cap friendly Parking-Lot; conveniently stores splitter output ports not in service
  • 288 terminations: up to 72-fiber Parking-Lot positions
  • 432 terminations: up to 144-fiber Parking-Lot positions
  • Six-inch spacer/riser included with spacer/riser and ground mount cabinets
  • Design allows for standardized splitter modules and accessories across all cabinet sizes
  • Common “mini plug & play” splitter module with common output length; allows for true plug and play functionality
  • Splitter modules easy to insert and remove without affecting adjacent splitters
  • Discrete ground and cable location access; allows for locating wires without entry into the cabinet
  • Re-skinnable casing design; allows replacement of cabinet shell without break in customer service
  • Extreme temperature tubing provides improved performance at high and low temperatures