FDH Hub in a Pedestal

Unlike traditional outdoor hubs which are typically deployed for neighborhoods of 144 homes or higher, the Hub in a Pedestal is right sized for rural landscapes numbering in size from 12 to 96 homes.

This field friendly unit is enclosed in a pedestal rather than in a metal cabinet and can be placed in the ground without pouring a concrete pad or installing a hand hole. This speeds deployment of fiber to the home and reduces overall project costs.

Modeled after the industry leading FDH 3000, the Hub in a Pedestal incorporates many of the same patented design features widely recognized and accepted by technicians including plug-and-play (PNP) splitter modules, parking lot storage and a swing frame to name a few.

It features full size trays for splicing incoming feeder and outgoing distribution cables and the option of adding hardened drop connections directly from the pedestal, further supporting lower cost business models. 

Additional Features

  • Available in fiber counts from 12 to 96
  • Swing frame access to distribution fibers
  • Uses same cable management and splitter configuration as FDH 3000
  • Parking lot storage: For up to 64 fibers
  • Six available PNP splitter slots (3) 1x32 or (6) 1x16
  • Integrated splicing for F1 and F2 fibers. Total of 5 full size splice trays
  • Multiple cable clamps to support pass through cables
  • Option to provide up to four hardened drop connections
  • Barrier plate minimizes damage from ground moisture and rodents
  • Dimensions (HxWxL)*: 35" x 11.5" x 14.5"option for customer to provide their own Proform 12 pedestal