Evolv™ Drops with Pushlok™ Technology

Pushlok hardened connector technology is the key component enabling smaller terminals and drops for FTTx networks than ever before. Designed for use in nearly every access network environment, the terminal is small enough to be placed
in existing handholes or pedestals where space is paramount, on building faÇades, or in aerial networks (pole- or stand mount).

Improved aesthetics improve end-user adoption for faÇade applications. To supplement the new Evolv Terminal portfolio, the Evolv Drop assemblies will also feature Pushlok technology. The Evolv Drop portfolio includes 1F ROC™ drop cables, 2F SST-Drop™ cables, and 4F SST-Drop cables. SC APC converters, OptiTap® converters, test jumpers, and maintenance extenders are available to support the drop portfolio.


  • Hardened connector technology
  • Flexible connector offerings
  • Versatile installation environments
  • Dual compatibility