Draka ezSPAN® ADSS Short Span

Draka’s ezSPAN ADSS Short Span version provides reliable self-support performance for up to 1200 feet (305 meters).

Each ezSPAN ADSS cable is custom engineered for each application based on its full weather load, ensuring safe, reliable lifetime performance. Flexible buffer tubes enable ease of mid-entry, preparation and routing in splice closures.

These cables uniquely combine flexible buffer tubes, swellable water-blocking, and exclusive ColorLock® fiber coating to make ezSPAN the easiest ADSS cables to access and prep.

Easy Cable Entry & Preparation

  • 12 fibers per tube construction up to 144 fiber designs allow easy termination and mid-span fiber access
  • Flexible buffer tubes and single jacket option enhance mid-entry
  • Ripcord speeds cable entry & outer jacket removal
  • Swellable binders speed cable preparation

Flexible Routing & Termination

  • Flexible buffer tubes simplify routing, storage & prep
  • Available in BendBright & BendBright-XS bend-tolerant single-mode fiber

Versatile Installation & Use

  • Tailored designs span distances up to 1200’ (305m) without interrupting power
  • Easy mid-entry ideal for FTTx distribution applications
  • Matching pole attachment hardware (dead-ends, suspension clamps)

Reliable Lifetime Performance

  • Exclusive ColorLock fiber coating (single-mode) for permanent embedded color & long-term performance
  • Custom engineered for operation under full load
  • Guaranteed standards-based performance