Draka ezPREP® Loose Tube Figure 8

Draka’s ezPREP Loose Tube Figure 8 version provides robust self-support aerial deployment and quick one-step installation using existing Figure 8 hardware and methods.

Its 0.25” (6.4mm) Extra High-Strength galvanized steel support messenger can support spans up to 600’ (180m) depending on environmental loading conditions. These cables uniquely combine adhesive armor, flexible buffer tubes, swellable water-blocking, and exclusive ColorLock® fiber coating to make ezPREP the easiest loose tube cables to access and prep.

Easy Cable Entry & Preparation

  • Adhesive bond armor greatly improves mid-entry
  • Ripcord speeds cable entry & outer jacket removal
  • Swellable binders speed cable preparation

Flexible Routing & Termination

  • Flexible buffer tubes simplify routing & splicing prep
  • Available BendBright & BendBright-XS bend-tolerant single-mode fiber

Quick Installation & Robust Self-Support

  • Quick one-step aerial installation using existing hardware & methods
  • 0.25” (6.4mm) EHS steel messenger for spans up to 600’ (180m)
  • Optional corrugated steel tape armor provides mechanical protection & rodent resistance

Reliable Lifetime Performance

  • Exclusive ColorLock fiber coating (single-mode) for permanent embedded color & long-term performance
  • Materials provide enhanced long-term reliability
  • Guaranteed standards-based performance