Draka ezDROP™ Figure 8

Versatile “Figure 8” fiber drop cable with integrated messenger for self-support and/or underground location. Draka’s ezDROP Figure 8 cable provides easy FTTx installation and termination using existing hardware and methods for drops to homes and businesses.

The integrated steel messenger provides self-support strength up to 400 feet (125 meters) and acts as a toning wire for underground location capability. It is attached by a web for easy tear-away separation from the cable. Portable spools simplify widespread deployment. Draka’s exclusive BendBright & BendBright-XS fiber provides craft-friendly bend tolerance.

Easy Cable Entry & Preparation

  • 3/32” stranded galvanized steel messenger for flexibility
  • Compatible with existing Figure 8 installation hardware & methods
  • Tear-away messenger simplifies grounding
  • Ripcord speeds cable entry & jacket removal
  • Toneable messenger enables underground locating

Flexible Routing & Termination

  • Flexible buffer tube simplifies routing & splicing
  • Standard BendBright & BendBright-XS bend-tolerant single-mode

Multi-purpose Installation & Use

  • Suitable for self-support aerial, duct, & direct buried installation
  • Portable box & spool packaging simplify widespread deployment

Reliable Lifetime Performance

  • Exclusive ColorLock® fiber coating for permanent embedded color & long-term performance
  • Gel-filled buffer tube
  • Guaranteed standards-based performance