Draka ezDISTANCE™ Loose Tube

The Draka Ultra Low Loss Fiber cable solution enhances system performance by extending the distance the system can reach. This is important in long distance, FTTx, and analog video applications.

This cabling solution combines the full features of Ultra Low Loss Fiber and ezPREP Loose Tube. The Ultra Low Loss fiber cabling solution provides improved attenuation performance across the full 1260 to 1625nm band and across the full temperature range of -50C to +70C.

Low Cable Loss

  • Maximum loss of 0.34 dB/km at 1310 nm, 0.34 dB/km at 1383 nm and 0.19 dB/km at 1550 nm.
  • Up to 25% improvement in specified cable attenuation at 1550 nm (compared to 0.25 dB/km).
  • Enhanced environmental performance – improved attenuation performance across the full temperature range of -50C to +70C.

Improved System Performance

  • Large effective area at 1550 nm suppresses cross channel non-linear effects for improved DWDM performance
  • Lower loss improves signal/noise performance
  • Lower loss improvement extends the distance reach in long distance applications.
  • Lower loss improvement can be directly converted into extra system margin for network designers, which is important for demanding network configurations where multi-degree tunable and reconfigurable nodes are implemented
  • Provides extra system margin which provides flexibility in route selection for dynamic protection and restoration
  • Low PMD of = 0.06 ps/vkm

Backward Fiber Compatibility

  • Fully compliant with standard low water peak single mode fiber ITU G652.D fiber requirements

Full ezPREP Loose Tube Cable Benefits

  • Polypropylene buffer tubes for enhanced flexibility
  • Adhesive bond armor for easy cable entry
  • Up to 20 ft express storage of buffer tubes
  • Gel-free cable core with gel filled buffer tubes (option of gel-free buffer tubes)
  • Available in multiple sheath configurations for varying applications.