Universal Optical Splice Enclosures (OSE)

Corning Universal™ Optical Splice Enclosures (OSE) are designed to manage the transition between outside plant cables and fire-retardant indoor riser cables in fiber optic networks. These rugged and versatile enclosures are ideal for use in equipment rooms, splicing vaults or building entrance terminals in CATV, telco or private network environments.

An adjustable interior backplate and removable cable entry plates accommodate top-only, bottom-only or top and bottom cable entries. The removable cable entry plates also enable custom-entry options, including mid-span and combination entry configurations.

Throughout the cabinet, large routing and guide plates and large routing clips along the walls organize and separate stored fiber and fiber entering the splice trays. In addition, fiber may be routed through the four horizontal pass-through ports located near the top and bottom of the cabinet sides.

Each Universal OSE features a full range of capabilities for wall, 23-inch rack and T-slot mounting. The T-slot mounting hardware allows for both horizontal and vertical mounting and enables tight, side-by-side mounting arrangements.

In addition, Universal OSEs are especially well-suited for installations that require preconnectorized cable assemblies or stubbed optical patch panels. In these installations, the Universal OSE can actually replace the rack-mounted splice unit typically required.

Corning Cable Systems offers two versions of the Universal OSE: 

The High-Density Universal OSE (OSE-HD) was designed for today’s higher density fiber distribution systems. Each OSE-HD supports up to 864 single fiber splices or 144 mass fusion splices (1728 fibers) from as many as 42 cables.

The Low-Density Universal OSE (OSE-LD) supports up to 432 single fiber splices or 72 mass fusion splices (864 fibers) from as many as 28 cables.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Cable entry plates allow various entry options including standard cable entry and mid-span cable access
  • Routing and storage components are attached to a removable back-plate that adjusts to accommodate top or bottom cable entry
  • Routing and guide plates and routing clips provide excellent fiber management
  • Accommodates specially designed high-density splice trays, although other splice trays can be used
  • OSE-HD supports up to 864 single fiber splices or 1728 mass fusion splices
  • OSE-LD supports up to 432 single fiber splices or 864 mass fusion splices
  • Horizontal pass-through ports provided near top and bottom of cabinet sides
  • Locking option for additional security