Corning UCAO Splice Closure

Corning UCAO closures accommodate fiber optic cables and provide excellent environmental protection for up to 60 single-fiber splices. The lightweight, watertight design of these compact closures features a hinged case with a lid secured with flip-locking clips for ease of access and re-entry. Each UCAO comes equipped with reusable seals that require only cleaning and lubrication. The UCAO closure is suitable for aerial, underground or direct-buried applications. Four in-line ports allow up to a total of 28 mm cable diameters. A modular splice tray stacker holds up to five splice trays. No special tools are required for closure assembly and re-entry.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
UCAO-05-24UCAO Splice Closure, 5-tray capacity, ships with 2 UCAO-ST-02 splice trays
UCAO-05UCAO Splice Closure, 5-tray capacity
UCAO-ST-01UCAO Splice Tray holds 12 bare fiber splices
UCAO-ST-02UCAO Splice Tray holds 12 heat-shrink splice protectors
UCAO-ST-03UCAO Splice Tray holds 4 mass fusion splices
UCAO-ST-04UCAO Splice Tray holds 12 CamSplice™ mechanical splices
UCAO-ST-06UCAO Splice Tray holds 12 single-fiber splices or two mass fusion splices
UCA3-6UCAO Splice Closure, grounding only

Please see PDF for a full line of accessories and ordering specifics.