Corning Splice Organizer Trays

Corning 2522 and 2523 Fiber Splice Organizer Trays store and protect discrete and mass, mechanical and fusion fiber optic splices enclosures and fiber distribution units.

The 2521 Series of splice inserts are easily added to either tray to secure splices into the trays. Fibers are routed into the trays using 2520 FibrTube transition tubing that zips over the fibers.

· Meets Bellcore requirement for bend diameter - Easy maintenance

· Trays allow entry and exit of buffer tubes at any of the four corners - Provides flexibility of fiber management

· Extra tray depth - Ribbon fiber may be coiled without twisting

· Modular design of splice holder - Accommodates many types of splicing

· Stackable, hinged trays - Easy access without removing other trays 

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
2522 Small Fiber Splice Organizer Tray
2523 Large Fiber Splice Organizer Tray