Corning OptiSheath® Multiport Flex Splitter Terminal

The OptiSheath® MultiPort flex splitter terminal is designed for use in outside plant fiber access networks, where a splitter is preferred. In particular, its reliability makes it ideal for FTTH applications. This innovative terminal provides sealed environmental protection, as well as easy incremental connection of subscriber drop cables.

The MultiPort flex splitter terminal is built with Corning ClearCurve® optical fiber — the revolutionary bend-insensitive optical fiber and cable that ensures virtually no attenuation loss, even in tight bends with a bend radius of 5 mm.

This OptiSheath MultiPort accelerates FTTH community acceptance through its ability to fit inside some of the most compact pedestals and handholes on the market. It is available in three configurations: 1x2, 1x4, and 1x8 splitter terminals. This allows for lower initial deployment costs by connecting multiple drops to one fiber.