Corning LPT (Low Profile Terminal)

The LPT Terminal with MTP®/MPO (multi-fiber) connectivity is an indoor, low-profile interconnect floor terminal between the distribution network and indoor drop cables for multi-dwelling unit (MDU) applications. The LPT terminal with MTP® capability allows for rapid connectivity for this riser terminal floor box. The terminal is shipped with a Pinned MTP® adapter (12f pinned MTP connector) and a corresponding 12f MTP®/MPO to SC/APC harness for distributing a single fiber indoor drop to the living unit.

This LPT terminal utilizes the MTP RPDpass reel product set to allow quick riser installations. The RPDpass reels ships with a 12 fiber MTP®/MPO connector and in a variety of lengths to fit each unique Riser deployment.

The small profile design allows installers to take minimal wall space in the closet while providing quick subscriber turn-up.


  • MTP®//MPO connector technology (pinned) for quick, easy and reliable multi-fiber connections
  • Flame-retardant, impact-resistant engineering-grade thermoplastic and hinged cover for padlock give you maximum product lifetime and security
  • Labeled subscriber ports which makes this craft friendly with easy access
  • Small form factor with less wall space required for quick subscriber turn-up