Corning Fibrlok™ 2524

The 2524 Splice Tray holds 24 Fibrlok Splices (2525, 2590, 2599, 2529) and accommodates up to eight buffer tubes holding up to 48 fibers (900 µm or 250 µm). The tubes are secured with channel snaps so that cable ties are not required. The fibers all enter the tray in one corner eliminating the need for figure 8’s in the fiber.

An important design feature of these stackable trays is the snap-on-hinge cover on each tray. Individual trays may be accessed without disassembly of the trays above or below - and without kinking buffer tubes.

The 2524-FT Fusion Splice Organizer tray holds up to 24 fusion splices.

The 2524 Fibrlok Organizer Tray can be adopted for fusion splice storage using the 2524-F Fusion Insert.

The 2524 and 2524-FT Splice Trays fit and mount in the 2177 Fiber Optic Splice Closure, the 2178 Fiber Optic Splice Case and the 2178-S Fiber Optic Splice case.


· Sizing - Fits existing fiber closure; flexibility

· Snap-on-tray hinge - Stackable; individual tray access; allows easy maintenance

· Buffer tube secured with channel snaps - No cable ties/no figure 8’s; simplifies handling

· Fiber retention clips - Hold fibers in place; reduce fiber damage

· Flame retardant/isopropyl alcohol resistant - Meets fire codes and industry standards

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
2524 Splice Organizer Tray
2524-FT Fusion Splice Organizer Tray
2524-F Fusion Insert
2524-MFMulti-Fiber Splice Tray
2524-A Mass and Single Fusion