Corning Fiber Node AssemblyDesigned to provide connectivity between the HFC node and the fiber cable trunks in existing HFC n+x (amplified) and now in fiber-deep n+0 (non-amplified) networks, the Corning CATV node assembly enables the operator to configure the system with stubbed or preconnectorized cables dropped at the node location. Cable lengths up to 3,000 ft eliminate the need for additional splice points, hardware, and labor time at the node location.

The node assembly is composed of two parts: the furcation unit and the fitting. The furcation unit terminates the cable with an epoxy stub and supports two to 12 fibers. The metal fitting encloses the epoxy and links the furcation unit to any hardware, providing a 5/8-in threaded input port. Connectors and fibers can be fed into the housing from the outside.

Additionally, the furcation method provides a continuous path from the splice closure to the node location. Each 250 μm fiber is fed through a 900 μm, 2 mm, or 3 mm tube for added protection. The 900 μm tubes are unitized by a spiral wrap, making fiber routing in the node fast and easy. An epoxy-filled stainless steel sleeve strain-relieves fibers and provides IP68-rated protection against water and dust penetration. It also bonds all cable components together, which eliminates pistoning of the cable core. This design transfers strain directly through the strength elements of the cable to the node housing. Pull-out forces up to 400 lb can be applied without jeopardizing the connection integrity.

This product portfolio includes everything you need to design and deploy your fiber-deep network. You can select from either 90- or 180-degree stubbed assemblies for splicing into fiber cables via traditional methods, or jumpers equipped with an OptiTip® multifiber connector for quick and easy connection to preconnectorized FlexNAP™ systems or OptiTip-enabled terminals.

• Eliminates additional splice points and hardware at the node location
• Provides protection against inside and outside water penetration
• Withstands pull-out force up to 400 lbs.
• Provides maximum clearance inside the hardware
• Available with a variety of connector types
• Quick and easy to install
• Compact and rugged design