Corning Eclipse® Hardware Connector Housing

The Eclipse® Hardware connector housing provides innovative and unique jumper management features such as panel-specific routing clips, a removable jumper waterfall and vertical routing of jumpers through the top or bottom of the housing.

The Eclipse® Hardware connector housing provides interconnect and cross-connect capabilities between the outside plant, riser or distribution cables and optical equipment. The housing may be rackmounted in 19-in (48.3 cm) or 23-in (58.4 cm) equipment racks and is available in a variety of fiber count configurations for most connector types. Each occupies four rack spaces or units.

The design of the Eclipse Hardware connector housing incorporates several innovative jumper routing features. Jumpers are segregated by panel-specific routing clips and are routed through an easy-access trough across the front of the housing. This trough also features a removable jumper waterfall that ensures a proper bend-radius as the jumpers exit the housing. When the waterfall is removed, jumpers may be routed through the bottom of the housing into other housings or into Eclipse Hardware jumper management panels. Similarly, the unique open top on the front portion of the housing, when used in conjunction with the Eclipse Hardware jumper management panels, facilitates vertical jumper routing through the top of the housing.