Corning Crimplok + Connector

The Corning Crimplok™+ Connector is the first-known, commercially available, field-mounted connector for FTTx indoor and outdoor use with no splice, gel or adhesives. Not only can FTTH drop connections be made much faster than fusion splicing, equipment savings can be 75% or more, and providers can realize considerable savings on training. The SC/UPC and SC/APC Corning Crimplok™+ Connectors utilize a metallic element to mechanically lock the fiber and a simple field tool to polish it with a single turn of the handle. Since the fiber goes all the way through the connector, there is no splice or gel required. The connector enables fast, on-site installation of 250 µm and 900 µm singlemode and multimode connections. The SC/APC connectors are also compatible with the Corning One Pass Fiber Pathway solution. Like the Corning No Polish Connector, the Corning Crimplok™+ Connector is thermally balanced for both indoor and outdoor applications. Like the No Polish Connector, installation time for home drop and enterprise application is much faster than fusion splicing (usually around 5 minutes), with labor savings of up to 50% and tool cost savings of up to 75%. And with a simple view-scope, you can be sure you have a successful termination right in the field.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionPackaging
8700-UPCCrimplok+ Connector SC/UPC SM 250/900µm12/package
6700-50Crimplok+ Connector SC MM 50µm 250/900µm12/package
6700-PS/50Crimplok+ Connector SC MM 50µm 250/900µm with Protrusion Setting Tool60/package
6700-50/LOMMFCrimplok+ Connector SC MM 50µm LOMMF 250/900µm12/package
6700-PS/50/LOMMFCrimplok+ Connector SC MM 50µm LOMMF 250/900µm with Protrusion Setting Tool60/package
6700-62.5Crimplok+ Connector SC MM 62.5µm 250/900µm 12/package
6700-PS/62.5Crimplok+ Connector SC MM 62.5µm 250/900µm with Protrusion Setting Tool60/package
8765-NF/UPCCrimplok+ SC/UPC Nano Finishing Tool1/package
8765-NF/APCCrimplok+ SC/APC Nano Finishing Tool1/package
8700-APCCrimplok+ Connector SC/APC SM 250/900µm12/package