Corning 2178-S Fiber Optic Splice Cases

The 2178-S offers the ultimate protection for fiber optic splices. The 2178-S splice case is constructed of a more chemically resistant material making it ideal for buried applications as well as underground, aerial and pedestal applications. The 2178 features a rigid non-filled case which has been rigorously tested to prove its integrity under the most severe conditions of moisture, vibration and impact, cable stress and flexing, and temperature extremes. Installation of either splice case is very easy and requires no special tools or complicated training procedures. Both cases are re-enterable to allow easy access to the enclosed splices. The 2178-S fiber optic splice case can be used with the Corning 2523 Small Fiber Splice Organizer Tray, Corning 2523 Large Fiber Splice Organizer Tray and the Corning Fibrlok™ 2524 series of organizer trays. Corning 2178-S Fiber Optic Splice Case · Multiple cable entry options - Butt or in-line configuration for splicing · No special tools required - Easy installation and reentry · Non-filled closure - No compound required; easier reentry · Multiple ground studs - Isolated grounding capability · Pressurization Valve - Provides ability to flash text · Varying cable port sizes - Accommodates all common trunk and feeder cable sizes 2178-S Fiber Optic Splice Case · Constructed of a highly chemically resistant material - Use in buried applications · Unique strength member clamp assembly - Prevents cable sheath movement with temperature changes · Low profile - Accommodates lower fiber counts; uses less space Corning 2522 and 2553 Fiber Optic Splice Organizer Trays · Meets Bellcore requirement for bend diameter - Easy maintenance · Trays allow entry and exit of buffer tubing at any of the four corners - Provides flexibility in fiber management · Extra tray depth - Ribbon fiber may be coiled without twisting · Modular design of the splice holder - Accommodates many types of splices · Stackable hinged tray - Easy access without removing other trays Corning Fibrlok™ 2524 Fiber Optic Splice Organizer Tray · Single entry point - Controls fiber management · Hinged trays snap together - Stackable; individual tray access · Flame retardant/isopropyl alcohol resistant - Meets fire codes and industry standards · 4" (10.16 cm) bend diameter - Individual fiber access; allows easy maintenance

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
2178-SSmall Fiber Optic Splice Case Contains materials for installation of 3 cables
2180 Cable Kit Contains materials for reentry into 2178 and 2178-S including plugs, washers and sealing materials.
2181 Cable Addition Kit Contains materials for installing additional cables in 2178 Splice Case (not 2178-S)
2172 Strength Member Clamp for Fiber Cable Clamps strength member to cable sheath
4460-D/FOScotchlok™ Shield Bond Connector Assembly Provides grounding and strength member clamp
2178-EGI External Ground Insulator for 2178
2520Universal Hanger Bracket Hardware for aerial installation
2197 Aerial Hanger / Hinge Kit. Contains hardware for aerial installation with hinged cover
2198 Mounting Bracket for 2178-S Hardware to mount 2178-S to wall or pole
2178-125Mastic Tape
2178-313Mastic Cord
2522 Small Fiber Splice Organizer Tray. Holds two 2521-Series Splice Inserts (sold separately)
2523 Large Fiber Splice Organizer Tray. Holds four 2521-Series Splice Inserts (sold separately)
2521-FLFibrlok Splice Insert. Holds six Fibrlok Splice in each insert
2521-FFusion Splice Insert. Holds 12 single fusion splices in each insert
2521-MFFibrlok™ Multi-Fiber Splice Insert. Holds four Fibrlok™ Multi-Fiber Splices in each insert
2521-RRibbon Fusion Splice Insert. Holds five ribbon fusion splices in each insert
2526 Strap Kit for Organizer Trays. Holds 2522 and 2523 Trays in place in closure
2524 Splice Organizer Tray. Holds 24 Fibrlok splices and eight buffer tubes
2524-ASplice Organizer Tray. Holds four mass fusion or 24 single fusion splices, or a combination of 20 single fusion and four mass fusion
2524-FTFusion Splice Organizer Tray. Holds 24 single fusion splices
2524-MFFibrlok Multi-fiber Splice Organizer Tray. Holds three Fibrlok Multi-fiber and 4 single Fibrloks
2524-FFusion Splice Insert Adapts the 2524 Tray for fusion splices