CommScope NOVUX New-Generation FTTx Ecosystem

NOVUX™, CommScope’s new-generation, complete FTTX ecosystem, is a natural evolution of today’s products and enables communications service providers to succeed in a fast-changing environment. The industry’s first modular FTTX ecosystem that spans the entire outside plant fiber network, NOVUX is engineered for simplicity and removes fiber deployment complexities.

NOVUX makes the proverbial impossible possible: 50 times more than the number of configurations that are available today with 75% fewer components. Also, NOVUX fiber closures and terminals are easily configurable to fit specific deployment needs and are available in the required volume to meet market demand.


  • More Bandwidth: Subscribers are demanding more bandwidth as education, telemedicine, streaming video, augmented reality, gaming and other bandwidth-intensive services grow. New multi-gigabit technologies, such as PON, XGS-PON and NG-PON2 can deliver.
  • Broadband for Everyone: New network architectures are driving fiber deeper into the access network and closer or directly to customers. Public funding is enabling universal broadband access in unserved and underserved communities.
  • Network Convergence: Converging wireline and wireless network assets can help address capacity and density challenges associated with 5G. Accelerate ROI by gaining efficiencies and economies of scale – all while delivering new services.

The NOVUXTM FTTX ecosystem provides the platform from which all FTTH-viable network architectures and applications for new builds and upgrades can be built today and for several decades in the future. A number of closures and terminals are available today and more are in development.


  • Configurable: NOVUX is the industry’s most flexible FTTX platform. It takes modularity to new levels with technologies that span the end-to-fiber network from the trunk to the drop. That makes it the go-to FTTX platform for virtually every application today and in the future. 
  • Scalable: NOVUX was designed from the ground up to help service providers gain access to the supplies they need–when and where they need them.
  • Simple: With NOVUX, ordering, configuration, and training are all easier on the service provider’s staff. With common components and installation procedures, it helps overcome craft labor shortages and reduce field errors, too.

With NOVUX, operators have a unique ability to introduce and use new technologies quickly in all the products across the platform. NOVUX is a harmonized and upgraded platform architecture with improved consistency and field application. It features standardized interfaces across products and accessories, a unique network ID and uniform training and documentation.

Product Categories

Hardened Fiber Terminals

The ultimate flexibility for plug-and-play FTTH solutions. The widest variety of technologies available from a single platform: single-fiber and multi-fiber, splitters, optical tap, fiber indexing, and on-demand hybrid configurations available. Up to 40% smaller compared to existing terminals.

Compact Fiber Closures

Deploy easily in more locations with quick and easy access to new FTTH builds, expansions and upgrades. Whatever your application and wherever you need to mount them, NOVUX compact fiber closures are ready. They’re easy to access and service, thanks to CommScope’s advanced Octopus™ gel seal technology.

SRC Fiber Closures

NOVUX SRC fiber closures are ideal for last-mile network applications, both above and below ground. CommScope’s Octopus gel seal allows field technicians easy entry for upgrades or maintenance, even after numerous closure accesses.

SEC Fiber Closures

NOVUX SEC fiber closures provide the ideal solution for situations where underground installations are cost-prohibitive and pleasing aesthetics are important. With the ability to install the fiber cable day one and have the closure installed at the time of service, this solution helps minimize the upfront cost and defer investment.