CommScope NG4access DWDM VAM Modules

Dense Wavelength Division Mulitiplexing (DWDM) VAMs are used to combine (or separate) two or more signals with different wavelengths. DWDM VAM modules provide a wide range of wavelength combinations up to 48 channels to accommodate a range of network designs and requirements.

CommScope’s NG4access DWDM modules comply with ITU-T G.694.1 DWDM frequency grid. NG4access DWDM VAMs occupy one access tray in the NG4access universal chassis and easily snap into place. The NG4access universal chassis (NG4-CH100000) holds up to 24 modules; 12 left and 12 right orientation VAMs. The 1RU chassis (EHD-1U-NG4VAM) holds up to 6 modules; 3 left and 3 right orientation.