CommScope Air-Blown Micro Cable

CommScope's family of cost effective fiber optic micro cables are designed for air blown installations into microducts. Microduct technology provides a cost effective, craft friendly way to upgrade your network, which can grow on demand by deploying fiber as needed. This technology is also common in congested areas, such as metro applications, where duct space is very limited. These cable designs are compact and lightweight, and contain high fiber density to maximize the fiber count available in a small cable diameter.

The stranded loose tube design is available in counts up to 144 with outer diameters varying from 5.5mm - 9.1mm. Stranded loose tube cable provides easy, mid-span access.

  • Designed for air blown, microduct applications
  • Small, cost-effective, lightweight cable designs containing maximized fiber capacity
  • Qualified under the IEC 60794