Clearview 12 MPO Cassette

The 12 MPO cassette provides for up to 144 terminations through twelve 12-fiber MPO’s providing for the highest density in the industry.

Utilizing the Clearview Cassette, patch only and splicing configurations provide for the most flexibility across a variety of applications when the use of multi-fiber connectors is required. Additionally, the use of the Clearview footprint allows for integration into any FieldSmart product across the network.

A 1RU FieldSmart Panel can support 288 fibers or a 2RU (6 cassette) panel provides 864 terminations. The cassette can be configured for tie-panel applications where the panel becomes the demarc interconnected with MPO to MPO assemblies, tying communication rooms or equipment together.

Patch & splice for up to 12 ribbons is supported when IFC or OSP ribbon are landed at the panel and pass through splicing or splicing to terminated assemblies is required.

Distribution cables can be configured as breakouts from 12-fiber MPO to 12 SC/LC for distribution to active gear cards or in MDF/IDF scenarios when ribbon feeds the demarcation point and ribbon distribution feeds to the network serving area, and then are broke out and distributed to single circuits in a FieldSmart wall box or panel.

Features & Benefits

  • A removable adapter plate that allows users to reach pre-terminated sub-assemblies for maintenance, cleaning and trouble-shooting
  • Snap together nested cover and internal components provide access without tools
  • 144 circuits in one cassette
  • Modular and scalable
  • Self-enclosed, integrated fiber management

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
EFZ-144-X2X-01FieldSmart patch and splice cassette, loaded with 12 singlemode MPO adapters and pigtails.