Clearfield SmartRoute Deploy ReelThe SmartRoute Deploy Reel from Clearfield is a 4.5” x 1” spool, designed to hold up to 300 feet of StrongFiber, with integrated bulkhead and a pre-mated adapter that can easily be mounted into a small form factor fiber management element of choice. The small form factor of the 900um fiber makes slack storage minimal and easy to accommodate, while the exceptional pull strength of StrongFiber makes it craft-friendly and easy for the technician to handle without fear of fiber damage. With less cable weight and, therefore, less co-efficient of friction (COF), installations are more timely and with minimal friction as the cable is pulled through bends and turns throughout the microduct route path.

Due to the high variability of MDU architectures, extensive engineering has been required to ensure proper cable lengths for FTTp deployments. With StrongFiber, pre-engineering is minimal because the 4.5” SmartRoute Deploy Reel, upon which StrongFiber is shipped, can be mounted at the destination site and the desired length simply pulled from the wheel to the access point. Once the pullable connector has reached its destination, the connector assembly is completed with the supplied connector housings and the connector is mated to the adapter. The remaining slack on the reel is pre-stored with no further slack management required. The terminated end on the wheel is pre-tested, cleaned, and mated in a Clearfield factory environment, leaving the technician to simply mate the patch cord to the adapter on the wheel. The small form factor of the cable assembly and deploy reel allows the StrongFiber to be pulled, and slack stored, from the customer demarcation point if the service provider chooses. StrongFiber as an ISP Cable reduces pre-engineering and on-site installation time for MDU and Riser deployments.