FieldSmart Makwa

Clearfield's FieldSmart Makwa, incorporates all of the features found in their above ground cabinets and adds the ability to deploy the FieldSmart FSC Distribution Hub in a below grade application.

Roughly 50% smaller than existing above grade cabinets, Makwa reduces real estate costs and improves density without compromising critical design elements of accessibility, bend radius protection, physical fiber protection and route path diversity.

The FieldSmart Makwa consists of four basic elements; top over (dome), base plate, internal backplane and Clearview Black Cassettes. All components are pre-assembled and loaded into the Makwa – making it field ready for deployment.

Scalable to meet customer requirements, Makwa can be configured to accept 12-48 feeder ports and 12-288 distribution ports in a PON application. It will accept up to 9 – 1 x 32 ruggedized splitters and parking blocks for PON networks. For cross connect scenarios, Makwa can accommodate 12-432 ports as required.

Patch and splice versions are shipped with the Clearview Black Cassette preloaded. Patch only configurations are shipped complete with preterminated lengths of OSP cables, terminated into the Clearview Black Cassettes, fully come installed into the Makwa, making it ready for deployment right out of the package.

Mounting options include below-grade (in a vault or hand hole), above grade –either on a pole or on top of a vault with a 12” riser.